We have been the the most punctual of all the train and airlines on the Stockholm-Gothenburg route for three executive years. According to figures provided by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, aviation is releases 74,000 times more carbon dioxide than a train, so how we choose to travel has a major impact on whether or not we will achieve the UN emissions target. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to choose MTRX for your travels between Stockholm-Gothenburg:

  • We have been named the best train company four years in a row, according to the Swedish Quality Index.
  • You can work undisturbed throughout the trip with our unlimited wifi, perfect for those who want to get a lot of work done or for those who can't tear themselves away from their favorite TV show.
  • We have been named Sweden's second most innovative company according to the Swedish Innovation Index.
  • Although we are the most punctual travel company on this route, we know that sometimes nature interferes and this is why we automatically compensate those eligible for compensation due late arrival.

Smooth, isn't it?

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