1. Application page

To find a job, go to the Work with us page and click on "See open jobs". Select the role that interests you and click "Apply". Then register your profile and upload your resume and personal letter. Easy, right!

2. Selection tests

If you meet the basic requirements for the role then the next step in the process is to take a number of selection tests. The tests help us to make a fair assessment of your match with the requirements profile we have set for the role.

3. Phone interview

The next step in the process is a short telephone interview where we want to know why you want to work with us and what your availability looks like.

4. First interview

If we both think this can be a good match, you are invited to a competency-based interview with the recruiting manager and HR.

5. Final interview

If you are one of our final candidates, you are invited in a final step to meet the recruiting manager's manager. We promise it is not as scary as it sounds!

6. Health control

For those who are going to work on board, a health check also needs to be carried out at our company health care partner. This is because all roles on board are safety rated. In order to have a safety-classified role, you must comply with all the requirements of the Swedish Transport Agency.

7. Reference

We always want to talk to at least two people you have worked with before. Preferably a manager and a colleague.

Welcome to your new job!