Group inquiry

If your group is more than 20 people and is planning a trip with the company, school, association or group of friends, we will help you book your group trip. When you book a group trip, you get favorable booking conditions, impersonal tickets, unlimited wifi and the opportunity to pre-order food and drinks.

Suite inquiry

If you are a group of up to eight people and want to sit separately, then we have the solution for you. On our trains, we offer two suites with room for up to eight people. The suites are perfect for meeting or if you and your travel companion who want to sit separately. In the suite, you can easily close the door and work efficiently and undisturbed, which is perfect if you want to start or end the working day, the conversation or the meeting on board. When you book the suite you get privacy, impersonal tickets, wifi and the opportunity to pre-order food and drinks.

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