Our values are We care, We work together, and We drive improvement. Rail transport is already recognized as the most energy-efficient and low-emission mode of transportation, sustainability is strongly embedded in our ways of working. It is an important part of our strategy - we acknowledge our responsibility for sustainable development and mitigating climate change.

We understand the environmental impacts of our operations, and our environmental ambitions are aligned with our significant environmental impacts. We are committed to near-term and long-term net zero Science-Based Targets.

By improving energy efficiency, increasing the share of fossil-free energy, investing in low-emission technology, and promoting circular economy we reduce emissions and offer sustainable solutions for both our customers and society as a whole. This way, we actively contribute to the mitigation of climate change and to the transition away from extraction of virgin non-renewable resources. While tackling climate change, we are committed to fostering biodiversity within both our operations and in our value chains.

The activities of our stakeholders also influence the environmental impacts of our operations, which is why in accordance with our values, we work together and, through collaboration, assist our b2b-customers in achieving their own emission reduction goals. In line with our environmental commitments, we also require responsible actions from partners in our value chain and prioritize steering our procurement practices towards products and services that have minimal impact on the environment.

Sustainability is a key factor in our decision-making, and our management is committed to ensuring responsible operations and taking environmental aspects into account in decision-making. We train our personnel to act in an environmentally responsible manner. Our environmental goals guide our daily operations, and each of us is responsible for taking environmental aspects into account in our own actions and work duties. This journey towards a more sustainable future is a shared effort for both us and our stakeholders.

Our environmental management work is based on national and international environmental regulations and agreements. The environmental policy is followed throughout the Group’s operations.

Philosophy for our food on board

On our trains, we always want to offer good food that is carefully prepared at the same time as we recognize our responsibility to do so in a sustainable way. That's why we together with our catering supplier Nordrest only choose approved suppliers who cooperate with Swedish farmers and who provide good animal husbandry, such as free-range chickens. We constantly strive to increase the proportion of Swedish and organic ingredients in our dishes onboard. And this is all for us to be able to offer our customers good and sustainable food when they travel with us.