Sustainability policy

Sustainability shall be a fundamental and a guiding principle for all activities within MTR.

MTR shall contribute to sustainable social development regarding social, ecological and economic aspects. Our most important sustainability issue is to convince more people to travel with us, instead of by car or plane, by offering the most attractive mode of travel.

MTR advocates a transparent sustainability work based on engagement and collaboration internally and externally. We strive for a dialogue with different stakeholders to develop working methods and set of relevant priorities. We support the UN Global Compact's ten principles on human rights, health and safety at work, the environment and anti-corruption we are actively working to contribute to the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals. We also demand corresponding requirements of our suppliers.

We work to:

  • Enable efficient travel that is punctual, accessible, attractive, safe and secure.
  • Reduce environmental and climate impact by reducing energy use, chemical use and emissions.
  • Promoting diversity within MTR and in the communities, we operate in.
  • We will have a management system that includes sustainability and a process for monitoring outcomes and revision of objectives.

To continuously develop our sustainability work, we work with continual improvements and competence development of employees. The work within the social dimension is made clear in Guidelines for CSR collaborations and sponsorship.

Quality policy

For MTR, quality means the company's ability to live up to the needs of the owners and customers so that each delivery and each commitment becomes a recommendation for new business.

We work with quality by:

  • Maintaining a high level of service and a good availability for our customers.
  • Working with continual improvements through process and activity improvements involving all employees
  • Providing quick, accurate and clear information about our services.
  • Inform and further trains employees in maintaining a high level of competence at all stages of the organization.
  • Informing our suppliers and contractors about our active quality work and place clear quality requirements in connection with procurement and purchasing.
  • Meeting applicable laws and other requirements and constantly develop and improve our quality work.

Philosophy for our food on board

On our trains, we always want to offer good food that is carefully prepared at the same time as we recognize our responsibility to do so in a sustainable way. That's why we together with our catering supplier Nordrest only choose approved suppliers who cooperate with Swedish farmers and who provide good animal husbandry, such as free-range chickens. We constantly strive to increase the proportion of Swedish and organic ingredients in our dishes onboard. And this is all for us to be able to offer our customers good and sustainable food when they travel with us.