Track maintenance

The most important to know for you who travel

  • If you travel to or from Stockholm by MTRX between 22 June - 16 August, your train will arrive / depart from Stockholms södra or Flemingsberg station.
  • MTRX indicated arrival / departure times apply from Stockholms södra or Flemingsberg station.
  • Traffic between Stockholms södra, Flemingsberg station and Stockholm Central takes place via commuter trains. For travel by commuter train a valid SL ticket is needed. You can buy an SL ticket in the SL app, at the station and on board the MTRX.
  • If you plan to travel by commuter train, metro or bus to / from Stockholms södra, you can easily search for travel routes at and buy tickets in the SL app available for iOS and Android.
  • Staff and information will be available at Stockholms södra if you need help or have questions.

Why is the tracks between Stockholm central and Stockholms södra closed?

Stockholm is growing and this places high demands on the adaptation of the infrastructure. Since the opening of Citybanan, the new commuter train tunnel under central Stockholm, half of the train traffic has been moved down there. It enables the next step, namely to replace and modernize the other two tracks through central Stockholm, the so-called "Getingmidjan". The upgrading is necessary to ensure reliable and sustainable travel and transport.

How do I know if my departure is affected?

The period when MTRX trains depart / arrive from Stockholms södra is between 22 June - 16 Augus. When you book your ticket, an information box will be displayed in connection with the departure departure if it falls during this period. After completing the booking, information about Stockholms södra will be on your booking confirmation sent via e-mail, as well as in the confirmation SMS which is sent to the mobile number you have entered in the booking. The information is also sent as a reminder the day before departure via email and SMS. Some of the trains also arrive at Flemingsberg station.

How do I get to/from Stockholms södra and Flemingsbreg station?

Stockholms södra is located on Södermalm and here you can easily get by commuting from Stockholm City. Stockholm City is the commuter train station which is directly adjacent to Stockholm Central and it takes 3 min to travel between Stockholm City and Stockholms södra. Near Stockholms södra are also two metro stations, the Mariatorget on the Red Line (about 5 minutes to walk) and the Medborgarplatsen on the Green Line (about 8 minutes to walk).

From Flemingsberg station you can easily get by commuter train, it takes 19 min to get to Stockholm City.

At you can use the travel planner to easily find travel routes and tickets you can buy in the SL app.

Where can I buy an SL ticket?

  • In the SL app, available for iOS and Android.
  • In an SL Access vending machine located at subway and commuter train stations.
  • At the subway and commuter train stations Over the counter of an agent, such as kiosks and grocery stores that sign with SL's flag or decals.
  • On board MTRX with departure from Gothenburg.

Do MTRX trains and commuter trains arrive/departe from the same platform?

No, at Stockholms södra you need to chang platform. MTRX trains depart and arrive on tracks 3 and 4 while commuter trains depart and arrive on tracks 1 and 2.

When switching platforms to commuter trains, you need to show your SL ticket to one of SL's station hosts who are at the gates, who then let you pass down to the platform.

How long before departure should I be at Stockholms södra?

We recommend that you be on Stockholms södra for a while before departure. Stockholms södra is a smaller station than Stockholm Central which means that there is no room for everyone to wait on the platforms. We therefore ask you traveling not to go down to the platform until about 10 minutes before departure.

How much time should I have when changing between commuter train and MTRX train?

If you are planning to take a commuter train to Stockholms södra, we recommend that you have at least 20 minutes to switch between commuter trains and MTRX trains.

What happend if i miss my MTRX train because the commuter train was late?

If you have planned your trip to Stockholms södra according to our recommendations, we will help you to your final destination as far as possible. Contact our customer service.

Is there and staf on Stockholms södra or Flemingsberg station i can ask for help?

Yes, our own staff will be present at the platform on Stockholms södra in connection with departure / arrival. The Swedish Transport Administration will also have staff on site at Stockholms södra and Flemingsberg station.

I forgot somthing on boad who do I contact?

If you forgot something on board MTRX you can report and search for lost here. If you forgot something aboard the commuter train, you can contact SL Customer Service on 08-600 100 or visit them on Klara östra kyrkogatan 6, see opening hours here. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service.

Can I book assistance to/from Stockholms södra and Flemingsberg station?

Yes, you book the assistance by contacting our customer service.