Café menu

Our offers

We often have campaigns and collaborations with suppliers of both food and drink, so always ask our staff about what offers are available for the day. Our standard offers are presented here.

  • OfferPrice
  • Shrimp sandwich with 1 bottle of wine (37,5 cl) 209:-
  • Shrimp sandwich with cold drink 135:-
  • Wrapr or sandwich with hot and cold drink 99:-
  • Breakfast – Bread roll with orange juice and coffee/ tea 69:-
  • Pastry with hot or cold drink 39:-

Our food

We know that when you are on the go, you want quick, easy solutions and great variety. That is why we change the menu several times every year and all food is served in a format that is easy to eat. We hope that you will find something in our café that you are particularly interested in and below is a selection of what we have on board.

  • Meal Price
  • Shrimp sandwich 125:-

    Shrimp, crispy vegetables and a fresh dill mayonnaise

  • Salads 99:-

    The range varies according to the season

  • Wraps 64:-

    A soft tortilla bread with fillings that are either classic or innovative

  • Sandwich59:-

    Really good tasty mixes between two loaves. Uncomplicated, nutritious and tasty

  • Bread roll32:-

    Available with different types of cold cuts

Our beverage

Our range of drinks varies and we have different brands while keeping our classics tight. All so that there will be something for everyone. Alcoholic beverages are served from 11:00 and alcohol may not be drunk on board. Below is a selection of what we offer on board.

  • BeveragePrice
  • Coffee from Nespresso 28:-

    Choose from Ristretto, Espresso, Cappuccino, Café latte or regular black coffee

  • Tea 28:-
  • Soda and sparkling water 33 cl 27:-
  • Vitamin well 50 cl 29:-
  • Juice 25 cl 28:-
  • Beer & Cider 33 cl fr 59:-
  • Red or white wine 37,5 cl 109:-
  • Prosecco 20 cl 99:-
  • Champagne – Henroit Brut Souverain 37,5 cl 259:-

Sweets and snacks

Treat yourself with something good, we promise not to say anything.

  • Snacks Price
  • Chocolatefr 10:-
  • Pastry fr 19:-
  • Chips and cheese doodles 25:-
  • Candy fr 27:-
  • Cashew nuts29:-
  • Nachos with salsa 39:-

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