The open and relaxed atmosphere in Ängelholm makes it a perfect place to spend the summer. There are many cozy outdoor cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy good food and drinks while enjoying a fantastic view of the sea.

For those interested in nature and outdoor activities, Ängelholm is a paradise. The city has many green parks and nature areas where you can take long walks or bike rides and enjoy the beautiful Skåne countryside. A popular destination is Kullaberg, known for its dramatic cliffs and hiking trails.

The summer city of Ängelholm is also known for its many events and festivals during the summer months. Concerts and music festivals are organized where both local and international artists perform. Markets, amusement parks, and other fun activities are also organized to celebrate the summer together.

Five things you shouldn't miss in Ängelholm:

  • Västra Strandpromenaden: Take a walk along the beautiful beach promenade that stretches along Ängelholm Bay. Here you can enjoy the sea view and the picturesque beach life.
  • Ängelholm Aviation Museum: Visit this exciting aviation museum that houses an impressive collection of airplanes and helicopters. Here you can learn more about Ängelholm's history as an important aviation hub.
  • Hembygdsparken: Explore the charming Hembygdsparken, which is home to historic buildings and objects that reflect the city's history. Here you can also enjoy beautiful gardens and participate in various cultural events.
  • Ängelholmsnäs Nature Reserve: Go hiking in this beautiful nature reserve that offers diverse landscapes with cliffs, forests, and beaches. Here you can enjoy peace and tranquility in a scenic environment.
  • Kullahalvön: Take a short drive from Ängelholm to Kullahalvön and discover the amazing natural landscapes. Here you can visit the famous Kullaberg Nature Reserve and enjoy magnificent cliffs, beautiful nature, and exciting hiking trails.