Train to Båstad

According to legend, Båstad is mentioned in writing as early as 1450 and after that years and years of various wars and atrocities followed, such as the Nordic Seven Years' War and the Skrånska War. The entertainment focused Båstad that we know today began to form only in the early 20th century when Alfred Nobel's nephew Ludvig arrived in the city. Ludvig Nobel built summer residences, hotels and golf courses, and worked hard to attract the socialite towards beautiful Båstad.

Today Båstad is definitely known for being a city where you go for your holiday silver lining, but it is also known for its culture, food and drink, hiking and sports. Sports can be found in every corner of Båstad during the summer months, and this is mainly tennis. which has had its strong position in Båstad for as many as seven decades, and with only a few hundred meters between the beach and the tennis stadium, the location is really something out of the ordinary. Are you not that interested in tennis, but still want to be a little active? In addition to fine tennis courts, Båstad also has a full 126 golf holes within 15 minutes of the city, as well as fine cycling and hiking trails, awesome sea activities (Båstad is surrounded by both Laholmbay and Skälderviken!) and relaxing spa facilities.

If your interested in food, Båstad will certainly not disappoint. There is a good mix between luxury restaurants (such as Restaurant Sand), smaller restaurants and cosy farm shops. Some tips on the latter include Ebbesson's Farm Shop where they make their own hard cheese, white cheese, blue cheese and putty cheese.

Båstad is simply a vibrant coastal town that really offers everything- for everyone. Hope to see you in Båstad this summer!