Train to Falkenberg

The Old town in Falkenberg is a historic oasis in the middle of town, which you can't miss! The Old Town provides a pleasant contrast to the pulse of the city and is sometimes called the heart of the city. Here you'll walk on small cobbled streets lined with crooked wooden houses and jagged rose bushes that make the wings of history grab you. Don't forget to bring the camera, because you will want to remember these cute little streets.

You can also enjoy nature in the middle of the town. Under stately trees and lush foliage, the Doctor's Walk reaches up after the River Ätran. Here fishing luck is tested during the fishing season and if you are in luck, you may also see spirited salmon jumping in the river. The hike is two kilometers long and despite the proximity to the city centre, the nature experience is overwhelming thanks to the running water, the beautiful rhododendron bushes and wooden roofs that provide shade during sunny days.

Falkenberg is the right place for anyone who longs for the sea! On Falkenberg's 13 kilometers worth of sandy beaches, everyone can fit without it becoming too busy, and it also offers an even longer coastal strip with cliffs, low-growth pine forests and beach meadows. Here you will really find some of Halland's finest beaches, so don't leave your swimwear at home!