Train to Halmstad

Stop and admire the Pablo Picasso sculpture "Kvinnohuvud" while strolling along the walkways that run along the Nissan River. The cobblestone streets in the city centre are surrounded by lively cafés and taverns frequently visited by locals. Walk along Prince Bertil's path, which takes you from Halmstad Castle to Möllegård Nature Reserve. Halmstad is suitable for all ages and is a fast-paced summer city but equally nice during the winter.

Halmstad, like many other small towns in Sweden, has an exciting history. Strolling along Vallgatan is, for example, like walking in Halmstad 500 years ago with cobblestone streets and cozy houses, climbing roses and colorful doors. The houses along the narrow street are some of the few buildings that are left after the great city fire in 1619, so take the opportunity to look at these a little bit longer. It is only the small houses along Vallgatan, the castle and the church that survived the fire. As you walk along the narrow street, you can take the opportunity to look for remains of the old fortress embankment that circled Halmstad.

Halmstad also has a lot of stars in the café sky! The small craft bakery Feldts where everything is done from scratch with natural ingredients and organic ingredients is one of these. Here the walls are filled with sourdough bread, cakes, marmalade, homemade caramel, ice cream and of course lots of buns. Another nice café is Skånskan, which is in a half-timbered house from the 18th century and is one of Halmstad's oldest cafés. This café is charming, cozy and a bit crooked.

Halmstad also has a lot to offer when it comes to natural life. Prince Bertil's path is an easy-to-walk trail that runs along the coast, all the way out to Tylösand. It starts at the castle in town and after only a kilometer of walking you’ve reached the sea and found the dunes that are perfect for picnics, barbequing and swimming. The whole trail is 18 kilometers long, but it is of course possible to just walk part of it. While we are on talking about the beach we must remind you to take swimwear with you if you visit Halmstad during the summer months. Halmstad offers some of Sweden's (according to us) most beautiful beaches. There's something special about that salty west coast water.