Train to Herrljunga

In Herrljunga it is easy to be active. There are plenty of hiking trails and bike-friendly roads in herrljungabygden, more than 130 km of hiking trails and paths. They stretch through varying nature and take you on new experiences in amazing cultural landscapes shaped by both people and animals from the ice age until today. Do you like to swim? In that case, you shuld visit one of Herrljunga's lakes; Northern Sämbadet, Ollestad's open-air bath and Sandsken. The lakes are beautifully situated and is the perfect location for the whole family, for both bathing, swimming and relaxation.

For those who appreciate locally produced produce, Herrljunga is a fantastic place for shopping! Discover a rich range of farm shops selling locally produced products, ranging from apple cider, cheeses, jams, eggs, and sweet pralines to meat, potatoes, and homemade delicacies. Here you will find the genuine tone that is sometimes difficult to find in our major cities.

As the old church district which Herrljunga actually is, there is also cool history to engage in. Eriksberg's old church is nationally known, as is Jällby Church which is a wooden church with medieval ancestry. Many of the churches have been a part of the countryside for almost a thousand years. Herrljungabygden is also rich in ancient monuments and at Nycklabacken is one of Västergötland's largest Iron Age burial fields with nearly 200 ancient monuments.