Train to Laholm

Laholm city is Halland's oldest city (with city privileges from the 13th century), but this city has been inhabited since the inland ice withdrew 10,000 years ago. All over the landscape you can see traces of Laholm's early history- perfect for the history enthusiast! Northwest of Lagaholm you can, for example, find the village of Köpinge, which is believed to have been a trading place during the Iron Age, i.e., the viking times. On the hill just before Köpinge you find kung Ises hög – a 4.5-meter-high Bronze Age tomb with a diameter of 34 meters. Given the size of the tomb, it is probably a powerful individual who had a high status in the society buried here.

Laholm is also the perfect getaway for those who like outdoor activities that bit more, as Laholm is enriched with beautiful and varied nature, both along the coastline as well as inland. Here you have the possibility of the most varied experiences such as windsurfing, playing golf, riding, fishing, skiing downhill and long-term, hiking or walking on beautiful loops, canoeing, swimming in a swimming pool, in the sea or in a small cozy lake, or visiting different cultural arrangements. You can simply do a little of everything!

For those who prefer a slower pace, there is also a 12-kilometer-long beach (yes, 12 kilometers!) as well as a variety of cozy restaurants and cafés.