Train to Skövde

Skövde is a garrison town with a long and exciting military history, which stretches a little longer than 100 years back in time. The military activity is still active today and means a lot to Skövde. What else? Well, Skövde's city coat depicts a female saint named St. Elin, or Helena as she was also called. Elin was Skövde's patron saint and is said to have lived in the 12th century. According to the legend recorded in the 1280s by Bishop Brynolf, Elin was a very pious woman who, among other things, financed the construction of Skövde Church. On her way to a church inauguration in Götene, she was murdered. Elin was traditionally sainted on 30 July 1164 and towards the end of the Middle Ages she was counted as one of the kingdom's patron saints.

Do you like excitement? Then this could be something for you. Askeberga shipbuilding is Sweden's second largest ship building after Ale Stenar in Skåne. Just outside Tidan you will find this exciting mystery waiting for an answer – no one has so far been able to find a good explanation for this great stone monument which is unlike anything else in the country.

In addition to the famous patron saints, Skövde also has a famous water park which has also been awarded "Best Water Park" several years in a row. In addition to water slides, wild rapids, water piste, an outdoor pool and a wave machine, there is also a relaxation area called Aqua Vitalis. Maybe this is something to take advantage of while the kids are having fun in the water park.

Are you a nature person? It is easy to fall in love with Skövde and if you have visited mount Billingen, it is not difficult to understand why the people of Skövde are so proud of it. Here you will find hiking trails that offer great nature experiences, barbecue areas, lakes, outdoor baths and activity venues that invite you to adventure days for the whole family. In winter, Billingen turns into a real winter paradise, so get on the train and head towards Skövde and Billingen!

If you can’t get enough of nature, then there's more to explore than Billingen. Silverfallet is popular for excursions in the spring when the waterfall is extra rich in water, but during April and May the large number of white seeps blooms and form a stunning white carpet on the way to the waterfall.