Train to Stockholm

Do you take the train to Stockholm? Perfect, then you arrive at Stockholm Central Station which (not surprisingly) is perfectly located in the middle of the city. From here you can easily get to all parts of Stockholm, whether it is by long-distance train, commuter train, bus, metro, tram or taxi. In fact, people have travelled to and from Stockholm Central Station since the 1860s when the station was built. Today the station is a historic gem- but there are plenty of them in Stockholm. The city is full of historical attractions, not least in the Old Town which is one of Europe's largest and best-preserved medieval city centers. It was here that Stockholm was founded in 1252.

Today Stockholm has a wide range of everything you can possibly imagine, sport, spas, food and drink, culture, clubs, natural areas and historical attractions. Why not take one of the charming archipelago boats out to one of Stockholm’s 30,000 archipelago islands? This is something you can't miss. Another good tip (especially during the time when the streets are snow-free) is to grab the first best electric scooter and see the city from a close perspective without getting tired feet. With the electric park bike, for example, you can take a trip to Stockholm's historic island of Djurgården, where in addition you can visit the zoo Skansen or Gröna Lund fairground. You can also take a nice long walk. If you get tired of the quiet environment out at Djurgården, it takes you about 15 minutes to get to Slussen with the SL boat. Once at Slussen you are close to Södermalm's rich environments where you can shop, check out some cool museums and enjoy a tasty dinner.

Stockholm is the city that has much to offer, for everyone.

Welcome to the capital!