Terms and conditions for MTRX commuter cards

1. General

1.1 Terms and conditions for MTRX commuter cards apply to new orders for commuter cards from August 20th, 2020.

1.2 Commuter card terms and conditions apply to purchase of a commuter card with MTR Express (Sweden) AB org.no. 556923-4304, hereinafter referred to as MTRX. Terms apply regardless of whether the commuter card is purchased at www.mtrx.se, through travel agencies or other channels. At time of purchase of MTRX commuter cards you accept the complete terms and conditions of this document.

1.3 A journey with MTRX is also covered by MTRX General Travel Conditions. If the terms and conditions of MTRX general travel conditions and commuter card terms contradict each other, commuter card terms take precedence.

1.4 MTRX reserves the right to make changes to these terms. Current terms and information are available at www.mtrx.se. Any changes of terms will be notified by email to existing commuter card holders.

1.5 At the time of purchase of commuter cards as well as at the time of booking journeys, MTRX process your personal information. Read more about our privacy policy.

2. Commuter cards

2.1 MTRX commuter cards are available in the following versions, and can be ordered for a variety of routes:

12 months: FLEX or 1 CLASS PLUS

6 months: FLEX or 1 CLASS PLUS

1 month: FLEX or 1 CLASS PLUS

10 clip cards: FLEX or 1 CLASS PLUS

2.2 Prices and available routes are presented at www.mtrx.se.

2.3 MTRX commuter cards with a validity period of 12 months, 6 months or 1 month are strictly personal. The traveler may be asked to confirm the name of traveler in the booking by showing valid ID document during the journey. Change of name, pausing the validity or refund of commuter cards is not permitted, unless the terms of and conditions are regulated.

2.4 MTRX clip cards are not personal and can be used by several people. Several people can also travel at the same time. It must be possible to prove the name of the traveler in the booking with a valid ID document throughout the trip. The validity period for a clip card is 12 months from the start date. Repurchase or freezing of clip cards is generally not permitted, unless otherwise regulated in these terms.

2.5 MTRX commuter cards are not physical cards. The buyer receives a commuter card code to be used to book journeys. Start date can be selected up to three months in advance from date of purchase.

2.6 Booking of journeys with MTRX commuter cards are made at www.mtrx.se or MTRX app before departure time. You may not book more seats than you can use, nor book a seat with a personal commuter card on several trains within same itinerary during same day or a return trip that you possibly cannot manage to catch. Clip cards may be used for booking journeys on different departures for same itinerary on the same day, provided the booking contains various travelers. If a booked ticket is not intended to be used, it must be cancelled before departure time.

2.7 Beneficial information of commuter cards FLEX and 1 CLASS PLUS can be found here. Benefits may change during commuter cards validity period. In the event of significant changes, purchaser is entitled to request refund of commuter card from MTRX. Repayment is calculated on remaining value of the commuter card.

3. Refund and withdrawal

3.1 Refund of remaining value is permitted if MTRX completely stops operating a destination or route for the chosen card, during time of commuter card validity.

3.2 Refund of remaining value for a personal commuter card is permitted in the event of death upon presentation of death certificate/funeral certificate.

3.3 The right to refund of remaining value is not permitted due to changes in timetable or other events outside of MTRX control.

3.4 The right to compensation in the event of delays or cancelled departures according to MTRX General Travel Conditions applies to commuter cards travelers. Compensation of delays are stated in General Travel Conditions, see § 15.3. Applications for such compensations are handled by customer service, [email protected].

3.5 Full refund is possible within 14 days from date of purchase, regardless of start date, provided the commuter card has not yet been used. The commuter card is considered as used when a journey is booked and date and departure time of the journey has passed, regardless if the journey was completed or not. If the commuter card was used, refund is not permitted even if less than 14 days have elapsed from date of order.

4. Cardholder ́s breach of contract

4.1 If the commuter card holder repeatedly fails to comply with the terms of MTRX general terms and conditions or MTRX commuter card terms, MTRX reserves it's full right to terminate the commuter card and immediately block future bookings, regardless of remaining validity of commuter card.

5. My MTRX and company agreements

5.1 If the purchaser of a commuter card is a My MTRX member when the purchase is made, extra benefits and bonus can be received according to the membership conditions for My MTRX. Provided that the same e-mail is entered at the time of purchase that is registered in the My MTRX profile. The benefits are awarded directyly while the bonus is given when the deadline for redemption has passed. Read more about them in our FAQ here.

5.2 Post-registration of bonus and benefits are not permitted. Memberships must be registered before purchase of commuter card to generate bonus and benefits. Read more about My MTRX here.

5.3 If a commuter card is purchased by a company and linked to a company agreement, the price of purchase and journeys connected to the commuter card will be found in the company ́s volume reports, the company may also request detailed information of routes and journeys connected to the card. If the commuter card is ordered and paid by the company, the company can request that the commuter card is terminated prematurely (without the right to refund).

6. Contact

6.1 For general questions regarding commuter cards, please contact [email protected].

6.2 For questions regarding company agreements and invoicing, contact MTRX corporate sales department at [email protected].


7. Period of validity of the general terms and conditions

7.1 These terms and conditions for MTRX commuter cards enter into force on the 20th of August.

1. MTRX ’s Terms and conditions for MTRX commuter cards, effective from 2020-08-20.
2. MTRX ’s Terms and conditions for MTRX commuter cards, effective from 2022-03-18.
3. MTRX ’s Terms and conditions for MTRX commuter cards, effective from 2024-01-10.
4. MTRX ’s Terms and conditions for MTRX commuter cards, effective from 2024-03-05.