Then we got to know MTRX, a dynamic challenger that takes people between Stockholm and Gothenburg – punctually, comfortably and with spirits high. They’ve also been highly appreciated, earning the title of “Sweden's Most Satisfied Customers” for eight consecutive years.* Respect!

The rest is the future. Now, MTRX becomes part of VR – two like-minded entities joining forces to offer the train journey customers love, but with a new look and a strong, committed Nordic owner.

For our loyal travelers, you’ll find everything familiar. The service, the punctuality – everything remains the same, only greener. With every trip we do together, we get a little better. One thing is clear: we operate between Stockholm and Gothenburg, but most importantly, we bring people together.

Together for a more enjoyable journey.

*First place in the Swedish Quality Index measurement since 2016 in the train company category. In 2024, we won the entire passenger transport category!


Tickets already booked for travel with MTRX will, of course, remain valid under the name VR. To book a new trip, you can continue to use mtrx.se or our app, as usual.

The first VR-green trains will begin operating between Stockholm and Gothenburg at the end of August. Until then, the trains will retain their red design. During the transition period, you may find yourself boarding both green and red trains in the fall. Rest assured, there’s nothing to worry about – the quality of service remains excellent on all our trains.

Here you can read more and get answers to the most commen questions about what this means for you as a traveller when MTRX becomes VR.