MTRX for business

Five reasons to sign a corporate agreement

1. More value for money
MTRX corporate agreements suit all companies - large and small. Our agreements offer business travelers a discount on FLEX and 1 CLASS PLUS ticket, which increase with your travel, regardless of how much or how little you travel in the service.

2. The most punctual train on the route
We at MTRX know that it is important to keep time. For four years in a row, we have had the highest punctuality on the route by both train and airline and since we like to wave at satisfied passengers at the final destination, this is something we should continue with.

3. Flexible booking and payment
Book on or MTRX app - pay by card or invoice monthly via Visma, you choose. You can of also book through your travel agency of course.

4. Easy follow-up
Regardless of which booking channel you choose, your company statistics are updated daily on and gives you a complete summary of your completed trips, your savings as a corporate customer and the climate impact when you choose MTRX. The agreement administrator for your corporate travel agreement will be authorized to retrieve travel and environmental statistics if necessary, or receive the report automatically via email.

5. Sweden's most satisfied train passengers
We like to provide good service and aim to always let go of our travelers with a smile on their face and a longing to return to us at MTRX. Therefore, we are extra proud to have, according to SKI, been named Sweden's best train company five years in a row.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]