Meet linda - head of planning

Hello Linda!

Who are you?

What do you work with at MTRX?

I am responsible for our planning department and our operational traffic management. Within the railway there are various planning functions. At MTRX we have functions that plan the timetable, how the vehicles should go, create schedules that follow vehicle circulation and staff our schedules, they belong to all of our planning department. Our traffic management, the Service and Operations Center, sits operationally and monitors that everything works according to plan, and cleans up situations that arise in traffic.

What is you best MTRX memory?

Oh, what a difficult question! There are so many fun memories with this gang! Maybe it is some major disruption when everyone releases everything they have to go to their utmost to help whatever role you have. Or any of the fun parties, AW's or the like. I can't choose, my job provides so many wonderful memories!

Where do you perfer to work?

In order to use the time I travel during the weeks, I have been given a good routine to have my workplace on board the train. Here I can get some rest while experiencing fantastic sunrises and falls and landscape changes, while having a cafe and nice colleagues close by if I should take a break from the computer.

What do you do in your spare time?

Pick mushrooms, eat good food and go on family trips. I think it is so boring to just be home so I often plan (a little too much according to the other family) dinners, trips and excursions as soon as we are free.

Which is you favorite restaurant in Gothenburg?

Sometimes I go to Enoteca Maglia late at night just to eat their dessert tray, which is like a large tapas collection, but with desserts. It is really for four people but if you are a little hungry it is enough to be two. It is highly recommended!