meet martin - service host at mtrx

Hello Martin!

Who are you?

How would you describe your job?

You never know how a day at work is going to be and I like that you are always on your way. Our customers have already bought the main product that is the journey, and my job is to make it as pleasant as possible. I love to offer the little extra and to get the travelers to their destination with a smile on their lips. Funny announcement are usually a success. As a service host, you both work in our café or are the service manager, ie the person who makes departures and handles the rest of our travelers. It's the mix that makes the job so much fun.

What garments do you like best in your uniform?

Definitely the red bow tie, it makes you feel extra handsome!

What is the best with your job?

Although we certainly have the most wonderful travelers, without a doubt the best thing about my job is all my lovely colleagues. You get very close to each other and we have so much fun at work. Then the question is, from which lunchroom or office do you have such a nice view that we have on the train?

What is your best MTRX memory?

Last summer we were diverted to go via Jönköping due to a fire near the track. It was so nice to go right by the water. Unfortunately we were delayed and when I walked around the train and handed out chocolate to the travelers, I heard from several that it was their best train journey ever. Something as small as a cheerful mood and a little chocolate can thus make a delay a positive experience. It's always fun when you hear from our travelers how nice they think it is to go with us.

If you got to choose between Alingsås and Skövde, which place would you choose?

Even though Alingsås is a cozy café town, I still have to choose my hometown of Skövde. Only an hour from Gothenburg are my family and friends. If you like adventure swimming, there is actually one of Sweden's best there.

Which is your hidden talent and when do you use it?

I think I'm pretty good at reading people, and that trait fits very well into my work. I quickly know who you can have a little extra fun with and who just want to travel undisturbed. Then I also have a very good persuasive ability that comes in handy when I want to get my friends on what I want to do.

Why should you apply for a job as a service host at MTRX?

If you want to have a fun job where no day is the other equal and can think of hanging in Gothenburg or Stockholm some, I definitely think you should apply. Besides, you get me as a colleague on the purchase. See you on the train!