Meet MALIN - Train driver at MTRX

Hello Malin!

Who are you?

What made you want to become a train driver?

My friend told me we should apply, said and done. Unfortunately I was the only one of us that got in.

What garment do you like best in your uniform?

It depends on the situation if I want it to be comfortable or nice looking. Lately I have been wearing a lot of shirts because I love to wear a bowtie, I think it looks nice. But If I get to choose I prefer a comfortable t-shirt and pants.

What is your best MTRX memory?

Oh, I have so many! "Raise your hand if you want to get off in Skövde!" I said once, otherwise we will drive by! Pretended to count that people raised their hand and then said "Oh, 12 travelers that want off, then we probably must stay in Skövde, disembarkation on the left side!" Laughed so much when my colleagues in the back of the train forwarded to me that people put their hand up really.

Another time I had a competition with the travelers on board about how far we could roll and handed Daim out when we arrived in Gothenburg, it was fun for everyone was so happy. But the funniest thing is when it's que outside my cabin window at the final destination, I've received so much positive feedback so I don't know where to go, everything from "nicely driven, well worked" to a high five and hug to someone have asked for a chance.

What train term do you think everyone should know?

External and internal train set I want to teach everyone who often travels from Gothenburg. The inner train set is blocked by a train that stands on the outside, many want to step on the locked train instead of continuing further up to the outer train set. There are many travelers who almost miss their train because they tried to get into the locked train set.

What do you usually listen to when you drive trains?

If my hockey team plays a game, I listen to the sports channel on the radio. Otherwise it is many Swedish artists eg Euskefeurat, Noice, Cornelis Vreeswijk and the National Theater. Sometimes I also listened to a pod, but I often have it completely silent too!

Is there anything you are extra proud about?

Oh, no idea. Or, it would probably be when there are queues of travelers who want to thank me for a delay then, which train driver has queued to their cabin, haha.