Meet Emma and Anette - customer service

Hi Emma and Anette

Who are you?

What do you do at MTRX?

What don't you do in customer service? The questions that come in are many, it can be about everything from help with booking, rebooking and cancellation, questions about our loyalty program, changing seats, finding bookings, accompanying animals and luggage, special diets and what applies before, during and after the trip. We also help with lost property and a lot of other questions that appear in the various channels. In short, we help the traveler with everything to make every trip memorable and smooth.

How many travelers do you talk to every day?

Difficult to say as this is very different depending on the period and if there is something special that has arisen in the traffic situation, but a hundred cases per day is absolutely nothing strange.

What is the most fun thing about working in customer service?

We agree touchingly that we are a good and close-knit group, which we often hear from our travelers. In the event of traffic disruptions, we take care of many traveler matters in a short time and we always do our best to inform in a simple and personal way, which often means that the understanding of what happened increases. There is nothing better than the feeling of helping a stressed traveler to become happy again, and we notice from many of our travelers that it is very much appreciated that we at MTRX offer personal and quick help over the phone.

What is the oddest question you have received at customer service?

It must be when we were asked if we have a shower on board.

Name a favorite place not to be missed when visiting Stockholm?

Kungsträdgården is a must in the spring when the cherry blossoms bloom, it is magically beautiful. The city library in the old silo and the Observatory Garden, which is located in the park right next door, are also well worth a visit.

Finally, the best tips for adding a golden edge to a trip between Stockholm and Gothenburg?

Our bakery-baked cinnamon buns on board! Have it heated up for a few seconds by our café staff and then you have one of Sweden's tastiest buns.