Meet usman - service and operations manager

Hello Usman!

Whjo are you?

What is your work task on MTRX?

I work on the operation management team. The tasks are very broad and varied. But in the big picture, I can say that I make sure that train traffic runes as it should by working closely with other operators and on board staff, among other things.

What made you apply for a job at MTRX?

I have worked in the train industry throughout my career and 1 year ago I was looking for new challenges, which led me to end up here at MTRX.

What attracted me was an opportunity for greater responsibility, personal development and, above all, to be part of a growing company.

What is you best MTRX memory?

It must probably be the first Christmas table together with all the lovely colleagues, which then ended with a fun mini golf round. Less funny was that I didn't win.

How is it to work both day and evening/night shifts?

I like variety. On the day shift it can be high tempo and you really get to experience how good cooperation we have in the team when problems need to be resolved quickly. On the night shift, it is a little calmer with independent work, which gives contrast to the day pass.

Tell any fun fact about you?

When I was 18 years old, I starred in a famous Bollywood movie that was filmed in India. The film was broadcast in cinemas around the world. It was a great experience to be part of something so big!

Which is your favorite restaurant in Stockholm?

Flippin Burgers is the big favorite - I go there with my wife in the clock and shed when we are sucked on something really good.